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Summer wedding: How to melt-proof your make-up on your big day

21st Dec 2016


Make-up tips from a pro. Set on a summer wedding? Vogue spoke to Tobi Henney, make-up director at L'Oreal Paris Australia, on how to ensure your make-up stays picture-perfect all day long.

What is the perfect go-to make-up look if you're having a summer wedding? "My favorite summer wedding look starts with beautiful, bronzed, luminous skin. Best product to start on the skin is L'Oreal Paris Lumi Magique primer for an inner glow. The eye look should have a metallic hint on the lid to keep it modern with a chocolate liner smudged into the las line for definition. Keep the lashes fluffy and feminine. A touch of blush for a sun kissed cheek teamed with a natural pink/brown undertone lipstick; try L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche lipstick in Nude. Use warm golden highlights on tops of cheekbones, cupids bow and inner eye. Finish by dusting L'Oreal Paris La Terra Bronzer for warmth around the face where the sun would natural tan your skin."

What look should brides steer away from in summer? "It is best to keep your make-up looking fresh rather than matte and dry looking. If you are prone to oily skin it is all about using the right products to keep shine at bay. Prime with an oil-free primer and powder the T-zone with long lasting product such as L'Oreal Paris True Match powder. Swap your classic red lipstick to a red with an orange undertone for the perfect summertime lip. Change up your black liner for a warm brown tone, this will instantly change the overall look of your eye makeup."

What products should a bride use to help fight humidity? "Start by cleansing the skin. Use the right moisturizer and primer for your skin type and this will allow your foundation to sit well throughout the evening. I love to use a finishing spray like the L'Oreal Paris Infallible Fixing Mist which will enhance longevity for the look."

What sort of products should a bride-to-be avoid? "Avoid any oils including rose oil on the T-zone, also steer clear of any super dewy foundations. When opting for cream products, also remember to add a powder product on top for staying powder. It is all about layering and setting the right foundations to achieve makeup longevity."

What are some other tips to help make your make-up last on a hot day? "If the makeup is done professionally, a make-up touch up at the reception is not always necessary. Most of the time the bride is keen to join the party by that point of the night. Something as simple as a tissue blotted on to the skin can absorb oil before applying powder, professional blot papers are another option Lipstick in the clutch is essential for touch-ups post ceremony. For clients with oily skin I recommend packing a pressed powder for the T-zone. No one wants shine in their photos."

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Science says: your brows might actually be the key to saving your love life

14th Feb 2017


Brow experts BENEFIT have paired with facial expression analysis expert Dr. Javid Sadr, Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Lethbridge in Canada to prove once and for all that brows really do need to be on point at all times.

According to the study, your brows play a big part in our body language and to the trained eye can reveal your "unspoken requests", "immediate evaluations" and "true emotions".

Taking that into account, we asked Benefit's resident brow expert, national brow artist explains Hannah Terrett about how to create the perfect seductive brow for Valentine's Day (and every day really).

"A seductive brow is usually subtly raised and paired with steady eye contact and a somewhat knowing smile. However it's the slightly raised brow that is the most suggestive part- without them your provocative intentions wouldn't be clear, " says Terrett.

So how exactly do we add the seductive brow to our repertoire?

"Give your arches more sex-appeal by creating a smooth line along the perimeter of the brow with a cream gel product like Benefit's Kabrow," explains Terrett. "This enhances the eye area by opening it up and creating the illusion of an almond shape which is very attractive. Highlighting underneath the brow is also a must. Try a champagne gold highlighter like Highbrow Glow. It'll open up the eye and give those "subtle eyebrow raises" a big impact."




The Relaxed Red Lip

A red lip is always in style (and anyone who tells you otherwise is dead wrong). But the way to wear it in 2017 is with no-makeup makeup. Clean, fresh skin, fluffy brows, minimal eye makeup and a striking red lip are a no-fail combination.

Bold Blush

Get your blush brushes ready - your are going to need them in a big way in 2017. Whether applied  with a heavy- hand and a nod to disco (like at Kenzo's spring show) or subtly blended from cheek to temple (like on Kristen Steward, above) blush is meant to be seen. Leave subtlety at the door.